Commissioned by the Serbian Ministry of Public Administration and the Regional School for Public Administration (RESPA), Imagos assisted with developing a roadmap for establishing a state institution for professional training in public administration.

In 2015, Imagos assessed risks arising from weaknesses in the areas of public finance, procurement and integrity in China. The assessment took place in the framework of the Asian Development Bank’s Country Partnership Strategy 2016-2020, which has a financial volume of approximately $5 billion. 

In 2014 and 2015, Imagos supported Legal Education Reform in Kosovo. We designed and delivered training on leadership (leadership competences and personality types), strategic planning, communication (cooperative target agreements, annual review meetings, motivation, appraisal, delegation) and team-building (team roles, team composition, feedback training).

Imagos led an outcome evaluation of UNDP’s contributions to good governance in Serbia. Corresponding outputs 
related to parliamentary development, anti-corruption, public procurement, 
home affairs and public administration 
and civil service reform.

In 2014, Imagos carried out a Governance Risk Assessment in Tajikistan. For this purpose, we assessed public finance management, procurement and corruption risks, based on reviews of other assessments (PEFA, CPAR, etc.) and governance indicators. The review covered both country systems and Asian Development Bank and other donor project systems for the transport and energy […]

As the health of a national economy depends to a great part on using resources effectively and efficiently, the importance of financial oversight bodies and their respective roles in safeguarding public monies from misuse and waste are crucial. Thus this publication targets entities that are part of a national integrity system (as defined by Transparency […]

Provide findings and recommendations to assist the Directorate-General for Enlargement of the European Commission in the programming of pre-accession assistance to candidate and potential candidate countries in the Western Balkans and to improve the EC instruments to support the reform process, with particular regard to the areas of governance, rule of law, judiciary reform, fight against corruption and organised crime. Lot 3: providing operational recommendations on programming future pre-accession assistance in the specific areas of judiciary and fight against corruption and organised crime. This should include identifying good practices in other countries and how they could be applied to the enlargement countries. Click here to download the final report.