• Public Administration and Justice System Reforms

    Support evidence-based and inclusive development of policies and programmes for public administration and justice system reforms, and capacities for their implementation and monitoring, at political and managerial levels;

  • Performance Evaluations

    Develop capacities to plan, design, manage and implement well targeted, purpose-driven performance reviews and evaluations of policies, programmes and projects;

  • Organisation Development

    Support organisations in reviewing their priorities, processes, functions and cultures, and developing capacities for coordination, networking and cooperation within and across organizational boundaries;

  • Political Economy Analyses

    Identify investment risks arising from weaknesses in governance and public procurement systems, at country levels and in priority sectors, and develop risk management plans and recommendations;

  • Training

    Conceptualise, design and deliver tailored trainings on governance, leadership, and management, and faciltate the transfer of knowledge aquired;

  • Approach

    At IMAGOS we build helping relationships at eye-level with our clients while we focus on addressing their most pressing needs. Based on our long experience, we are able to identify critical issues and opportunities, shortcuts and workarounds quickly. Our advice is unbiased, straighforward and tactful.