Team Building

Teams are essential building blocks in any organization. Usually, however, their effectiveness is constrained by the inablity of their members to clarify their relationships in a skillful way. As a result, most teams stay far behind their potential, thus hampering the performance of the entire organisation. In this training, we introduce a model for optimizing team […]

Strategic Planning for Executives

Many people feel uncertain about planning and often the same mistakes are repeated. Many plans are therefore not implemented effectively. People can get disappointed with bad planning experience, making future planning efforts even more difficult. Designing and facilitating planning events, we can support leaders in providing a structure for planning, in which the relevant participants […]

Leadership for Executives

Leaders can make a significant contribution to creating productive work environments. In order to do so, they must balance the expectations from above and below. If leaders manage to meet the needs of the organization, and also take into account the needs of employees, all parties will be more satisfied, and the organisation is more likely to […]

Communication, Motivation and Appraisal

Communication skills are one of the core competencies of leaders.  Why are goals important? And how can objectives be agreed so that supervisors and employees alike know exactly what is to be achieved, and that staff will commit to crossing the finish line? Why do employees, who were previously enthusiastic, lose their motivation? And how can […]

Good Governance

Leaders can advance good governance more effectively if they know where to intervene in a given development situation. This requires an understanding of how the interactions between governance domains and organizations connect to the concept of good governance. This training focuses on the role and functioning of a National Integrity System. The seminar consists of eight sessions, spread over […]