Strategic Planning for Executives

Many people feel uncertain about planning and often the same mistakes are repeated. Many plans are therefore not implemented effectively. People can get disappointed with bad planning experience, making future planning efforts even more difficult. Designing and facilitating planning events, we can support leaders in providing a structure for planning, in which the relevant participants will commit to take action toward a joint vision of the future.

Target Group

Executives who want to get a better understanding of how to design successful planning processes and avoid common pitfalls associated with planning.

Benefits of training

Participants will develop an effective plan and take individual responsibility for its implementation. Participants will learn how to lead planning processes that have a lasting positive effect on the performance of people and organisations and the allocation of resources.

Learning Outcomes

  • Participants understand the nature of planning, i.e. making decisions whose consequences have a certain futurity
  • Participants understand why planning in uncertain, fast-changing situations should be strategic, i.e. medium-term
  • Participants know the criteria for successful planning
  • Participants know how to get and retain commitment from stakeholders
  • Participants know how to put a focal issue in global perspective
  • Participants learn how to make progress by discovering and building on what they have in common – rather than being distraught by differences
  • Participants understand how to treat problems and conflicts as information rather than action items

Seminar Methods

Lectures, learning through feedback and experiences of achievement, individual and group work, role-play.


Participants receive additional information and details on the seminar, including practice worksheets.


Two days