Leadership for Executives

Leaders can make a significant contribution to creating productive work environments. In order to do so, they must balance the expectations from above and below. If leaders manage to meet the needs of the organization, and also take into account the needs of employees, all parties will be more satisfied, and the organisation is more likely to do well. In this training, participants find out about major  leadership competencies and establish criteria for determining appropriate leadership styles. They discover the significance of personality types for everyday leadership and team collaboration and identify which potential conflicts exist between different personality types.

Target Group

Executives who want to deepen their understanding of the logic of leadership and management processes to guide their employees towards new goals.

Benefits of training

Participants will learn how to use modern management tools in situation-specific ways and improve their skills in goal-oriented steering of various forms of employee interactions.

Learning Outcomes

  • Participants reflect on and improve their leadership style.
  • Participants use their strengths, and know which of their weaknesses relevant to the everyday management they want to consciously control.
  • Participants acquire and deepen their understanding of rhetorical tools of communication and negotiation.
  • Participants learn how to use performance agreements as instruments of planning and as drivers of motivation.
  • Participants know the possibilities and limits of self and external motivation.
  • Participants know how performance review meetings should be optimally structured and carried out.
  • Participants will learn how performance agreements, reviews and feedback interactions complement each other in delegation processes.
  • Participants see how to improve fairness and transparency in the assessment process.

Seminar Methods

Lectures, learning through feedback and experiences of achievement, individual and group work, role-play, editing her own practice cases


Participants receive additional information and details on the seminars, including practice worksheets.


One day